Maximize Uptime with our Smart Services and Tools.

At IK Topside, our mission is to consistently find the perfect and most cost-efficient solutions to address our clients’ challenges. Whether it’s emergency repairs, maintenance, modifications, or turnaround work in pipes and pipelines, we have the right services and provide a comprehensive range of standardized tools ready to respond quickly to our clients’ needs. 

Our approach often involves reusing or upgrading existing equipment, ensuring it meets all project requirements. Additionally, we have developed advanced in-house engineering capabilities based in our Stavanger and Gdasnk offices. We are ready to act and respond in situations that demand new equipment, allowing us to design Bespoke Engineered Solutions. 

Product closeup image showing a row of vents and displays with a gloved hand on one of them
We not only speak our client’s language but also understand their problems. 

We believe these capabilities set us apart, enabling us to deliver quick, innovative, and secure solutions. We offer rental products that can be swiftly delivered and installed by our multiskilled team, providing innovative, value-oriented and tailored to your specific needs. We develop efficient solutions and hold patents for several products, all geared to serve our customers effectively.