17 October 2023 Uncategorized

Topside Towards Brilliance: A Glimpse into the Future

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Mari Kollsgård as the Vice President of IK Topside. Her journey with us began with an interim role that has now transitioned into a full-time leadership position.

In Mari’s own words, her vision for IK Topside’s future is resoundingly forward-focused: “At IK Topside, we are leaning into the future; there’s no looking back. While we cherish our past and our successful history, we are steadily building a new IK Topside, brimming with anticipation.”

Mari also emphasizes, “Our success at IK Topside is underpinned by our brilliant team, driven by a relentless passion for what they do. Our solutions not only work, but they endure, standing the test of time. This commitment to excellence is why our clients return to us time and time again. We ensure that every challenge is met with a lasting solution.”

With a background as a consultant spanning various industries, Mari has empowered others to thrive and expand by applying her expertise in process control and establishing well-defined roles and responsibilities. Now, she is poised to lead by example.

“When I considered this role, its appeal was undeniable. I aspire to contribute to our collective success, and I wouldn’t have accepted this responsibility if I didn’t believe in the endless potential for success at IK Topside.”

In tandem with Mari’s appointment, Tore Gjøse takes the position of the Sales Director for IK Topside. His extensive industry experience and commercial prowess will be instrumental in propelling the continued growth of IK Topside. This partnership, bolstered by Mari’s profound insights into organizational structure, culture, and development, promises to be a formidable force, not only within IK Topside but across the entire IK Group.

While IK Topside remains committed to its core operations in the Norwegian and UK North Sea, leveraging our strategic position in Stavanger, we are also eagerly venturing into new horizons and embracing fresh challenges.

As we look ahead, the future is bright with opportunity, and together, we will ascend to new heights of growth and achievement.