Under Pressure

We are brilliant under pressure, and experts in getting the job done quickly and efficiently. With 36 years of experience, we master live pressurized systems and pipelines within oil and gas, while minimizing downtime and preventing unwanted incidents.

With our innovative know-how and clever use of field-proven technology and methods, we can respond quickly to the need for emergency repairs to leaks or corrosion, maintenance and modification, and turnaround work in pipes and pipelines for the oil & gas industry.  

We have a comprehensive, cost-effective, and safety-driven Smart Services and Tools.



How we work

We master live pressurized systems and pipelines within oil and gas​

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Services and Tools

Using our standardized innovative services and tools and, when needed, applying our bespoke engineering solutions, we can maximize your uptime and improve your performance without interfering with your operations.

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Trust and safety are fundamental in everything we do.

The oil and gas industry presents more safety risks compared to many others. The environment is challenging, and time is precious. Whether it’s online leak sealing, structural integrity assurance, or isolations, each aspect of an emergency repair is crucial and requires maximum attention. Success in completing tasks accurately and safely the first time depends on multiple factors working seamlessly together. Adhering to the correct procedures and processes is essential, but the expertise of the professionals performing the work is paramount. That is why we do everything by the book; our track record speaks for itself. Read about our case studies and meet the team behind our success. 

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