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At IK Topside, we offer a diverse range of services within pressure testing, ensuring precision and efficiency in every project. Our comprehensive pressure testing kits provide everything you need for on-site pressure testing, streamlining the process and enhancing the reliability of your systems.  

Pressure Testing Kits

Our pressure testing kits are designed to be your all-in-one solution for on-site pressure testing. Equipped with everything necessary, these kits enable your team to conduct efficient and accurate pressure tests, contributing to the overall integrity of your systems. 

Local Pressure Testing Tools

When pressurizing the entire system is impractical or restricted, our range of local pressure testing tools comes to the rescue. These tools allow you to conduct precise pressure tests on specific equipment that has been replaced or modified without pressing the entire system. This not only saves time but also ensures compliance with regulations that limit the overall system pressure. 

Resato High-Pressure Testing Systems 

We take pride in our exclusive agency partnership with Resato, a leading provider of high-pressure testing systems. As authorized agents, we bring you cutting-edge solutions renowned for their reliability and precision. Resato’s innovative solutions enable industries to achieve accurate and efficient testing, ensuring the integrity and safety of critical systems. 

IK Topside offers comprehensive pressure testing solutions that prioritize precision, efficiency, and compliance. Our tools and kits are tailored to meet the diverse needs of your projects, providing a reliable foundation for the success of your pressure testing needs

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Tools Category

A generator-looking thing made of metal, mostly gray and some red features. With handles on both sides, for easy carrying presumably.


  • Resato System 
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Plugging Systems: 

  • High Pressure Elbow Plugs 
  • Medium Pressure Pipe plugs 
  • Internal Joint Tester 
  • Internal Weld Tension Tester  
  • Flange Weld Tester Tyred Type 
  • Internal Weld Tester (IWTT) 
  • Flange Weld Tester (FWT) 
  • Low Pressure Flange Weld Tester (LP-FWT) 
  • High Pressure Plug (HP-Plug) 
  • Low Pressure Plug (LP Plug) 
  • Twin Tyre Multi Plug (TTMP) 
  • Twin Tyre Dual Plug (TTDP) 
  • Twin Seal Multi Plug (TSMP) 
An open square black suitcase with pockets for things, filled with products for exact purposes.


  • Pressure Testing Kit 
  • Crystal Nvision 

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