An assortment of different bolts and tools lined up in a row on a white background.


At IK Topside, we offer a comprehensive range of tools and solutions for precision flange work, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your bolted connections. With extensive experience and a dedicated calibration lab, our unmatched expertise in handling bolts and bolted connections sets us apart in the industry

Reliable Tools for Flange Bolting 

Explore our selection of manual torque wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches, and bolt tensioners designed for bolting up flanges and various bolted connections. Backed by our years of experience, these tools ensure precise and reliable flange work, contributing to the longevity and security of your systems. 

Hot Bolting Clamps with Patented Technology 

Our hot bolting clamps, featuring patented technology, revolutionize flange work by allowing operators to replace flange bolts while the system is live. This innovative solution minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency, showcasing our commitment to cutting-edge technology in the field. 

Leak-Sealing Solutions for Uninterrupted Operations 

Experience uninterrupted operations with our leak-sealing solutions for flange connections. Our patent-pending technology enables operators to seal leaks in flange connections without system shutdowns, ensuring continuous functionality and avoiding costly interruptions. 

IK Topside offers flange work solutions that combine cutting-edge tools, patented technology, and a wealth of experience. Elevate the reliability of your bolted connections with our precision and innovation.  

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Tools Category

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Clamping Systems: 

  • AOIC 
  • Hot Bolt C-Clamp 
  • Hot Bolt Clamp 
  • Integrity Clamps 
An assortment of different bolts and tools lined up in a row on a white background.

Bolting tools: 

  • WREN Torque Tools 
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners 
  • Flange Spreaders 
  • Nut Splitter 
  • Hydraulic Tensioning Pump 
  • Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenche 
  • Hydraulic Torque Pump 

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