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At IK Topside, we acknowledge the crucial importance of sustaining uninterrupted operations amidst unforeseen challenges. Our Pipe Repair and Modifications service is designed to empower operators like you, providing a range of innovative solutions to swiftly and efficiently address issues, all while minimizing downtime and eliminating the necessity for unplanned shutdowns. 

Repair Clamps for Swift Solutions 

Our repair clamps serve as reliable problem-solvers, swiftly fixing leakages or weaknesses in piping equipment. By utilizing these clamps, operators can maintain production until the next planned shutdown, eliminating the costly disruptions caused by unplanned shutdowns. 

Cold Installed Flanges for Efficient Upgrades 

Upgrade your system with ease using our cold-installed flanges. These flanges not only reduce the downtime of your system but also eliminate the need for welding. This results in quicker installations, smoother upgrades, and a more cost-effective solution for your piping needs. 

Hot/Cold Tap Machines for Branch Connections 

Our hot/cold tap machines provide a versatile solution for connecting branches in your piping system. Whether you’re working on depressurized systems or need to make connections while there’s pressure on the system, these machines deliver precise and efficient drilling without the need for system shutdowns. Additionally, we offer innovative clamps for branch connections, eliminating the need for welding. 

Customized Solutions 

We understand the unique nature of pipe repair and modifications. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with yours to deliver tailored solutions, addressing specific challenges such as leakages, strengthening weakened sections, and optimizing connections. Trust us for efficient and effective outcomes that precisely align with your project requirements. 

IK Topside offers reliable Pipe Repair and Modification services that ensure your operations remain uninterrupted. We provide the tools and expertise to handle challenges swiftly, keeping your production on track and minimizing the impact of unexpected issues. Trust us to keep your pipes in optimal condition and your operations running smoothly. 

Tools Category

3D render of product

Clamping Systems: 

  • Integrity Clamp  
  • Sealing Clamp 
  • Well Release Hot Tap Clamp 
  • Flange Saver 
Image showing the product encased in a cold fog, probably from some sort of liquid nitrogen.

Hot/Cold Tapping: 

  • 101 Machine 
  • 110 Machine 
  • 203 Machine 
  • 2K Machine 
  • 5k Machine 

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