15 August 2022 Uncategorized

IK Topside Complete Latest Project

30-inch, 3,1-meter super duplex pipe clamp and small manhole access, sounds simple enough? 

In December 2021, a client contacted IK Topside to supply a bolted clamp solution with 25 25-year lifetimes, avoiding welding. This project was not straightforward as the design criteria included 20 bars of dangerous gas and tough restricted manhole access.

Due to the restriction in access, IK Topside team of specialist engineers designed their first 4 quarter sections pipe clamp with bespoke engineered assembly and rigging equipment for safe and efficient installation on site. To achieve a 25-year lifetime in this rough environment, it was agreed that super duplex material was to be chosen for this application.

The installation was successfully completed within the timeframe, and the client was pleased with the outcome.

Project manager Roald Kolnes said, “To engineer, fabricate and install a huge 4-quarter section pipe clamp is complex. Especially when you have a short delivery time and are involved in welding and machining in super duplex material. I am extremely proud of our brilliant engineers and skillful mechanics that has followed this project from start to finish on site.”