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IK Topside Team to Attend Modifikasjonskonferanse 2024

Posted on: March 19th, 2024 by Amanda Eden No Comments

We are thrilled to announce that our IK Topside team will be attending the upcoming Modifikasjonskonferanse. The event presents an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to connect and exchange insights on modifications within the sector.

Our team looks forward to engaging with attendees and showcasing our expertise in managing live pressurized systems. With our innovative approach, we excel in responding swiftly to emergency repairs, maintenance, modifications, and turnaround work.

Join us at Stand 11 to discover how we effectively combine our extensive experience and cutting-edge techniques to meet your project needs.

See you at Modifikasjonskonferanse!

Topside Towards Brilliance: A Glimpse into the Future

Posted on: October 17th, 2023 by Amanda Eden No Comments

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Mari Kollsgård as the Vice President of IK Topside. Her journey with us began with an interim role that has now transitioned into a full-time leadership position.

In Mari’s own words, her vision for IK Topside’s future is resoundingly forward-focused: “At IK Topside, we are leaning into the future; there’s no looking back. While we cherish our past and our successful history, we are steadily building a new IK Topside, brimming with anticipation.”

Mari also emphasizes, “Our success at IK Topside is underpinned by our brilliant team, driven by a relentless passion for what they do. Our solutions not only work, but they endure, standing the test of time. This commitment to excellence is why our clients return to us time and time again. We ensure that every challenge is met with a lasting solution.”

With a background as a consultant spanning various industries, Mari has empowered others to thrive and expand by applying her expertise in process control and establishing well-defined roles and responsibilities. Now, she is poised to lead by example.

“When I considered this role, its appeal was undeniable. I aspire to contribute to our collective success, and I wouldn’t have accepted this responsibility if I didn’t believe in the endless potential for success at IK Topside.”

In tandem with Mari’s appointment, Tore Gjøse takes the position of the Sales Director for IK Topside. His extensive industry experience and commercial prowess will be instrumental in propelling the continued growth of IK Topside. This partnership, bolstered by Mari’s profound insights into organizational structure, culture, and development, promises to be a formidable force, not only within IK Topside but across the entire IK Group.

While IK Topside remains committed to its core operations in the Norwegian and UK North Sea, leveraging our strategic position in Stavanger, we are also eagerly venturing into new horizons and embracing fresh challenges.

As we look ahead, the future is bright with opportunity, and together, we will ascend to new heights of growth and achievement.

IK Topside Design and Deliver 37 Clamps

Posted on: January 20th, 2023 by Amanda Eden No Comments

IK Topside was approached after a client found a corroded flange on two large tanks at a refinery plant in Norway. Our team of engineering experts designed two different types of clamps and delivered a total of 37 repair clamps, which were successfully delivered and installed in Q3/Q4 2022, saving the client time and money. See the 3D Model Image above.

Discipline Lead for Pipe Intervention, Roald Kolnes, said, “This was an exciting project for us because of the high volume of identical clamps and to prepare an efficient installation plan for the site operation to avoid many crane operations.”

IK Topside Delivers 7.5 Tons of Equipment in Exciting Project

Posted on: November 22nd, 2022 by Amanda Eden No Comments

Peter Bjørnsen, Field Service Discipline Lead, said, “This has been an exciting campaign for us because it has been quite some time since we last delivered these volumes of both equipment and manpower for major maintenance and modification (M&M) turnaround projects due to the pandemic. The offshore campaign was planned for May 2022 but was postponed and executed in Autumn.”

The majority of the work scope was based on pre-planned maintenance work (M&M) on an installation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. We also delivered equipment and services for our clients’ EPCI projects for the same shut-down campaign. This consisted of the supply of specialised weld isolation, backing gas materials and equipment, and local pressure testing tools and services.

The campaign lasted just three weeks and required a total supply of 7,5 tons of equipment and materials. IK Topside 12-man workforce produced well over 2,500 hours. 

“I am eagerly looking forward to continuing our partnership with this client. I am particularly hopeful for future opportunities to contribute to their Green projects, such as “OGP” and “Northern Lights”. Our past successful collaboration is a testament to the value we bring to their projects, and we are ready to take on new challenges together.”

IK Topside Complete Latest Project

Posted on: August 15th, 2022 by Amanda Eden No Comments

30-inch, 3,1-meter super duplex pipe clamp and small manhole access, sounds simple enough? 

In December 2021, a client contacted IK Topside to supply a bolted clamp solution with 25 25-year lifetimes, avoiding welding. This project was not straightforward as the design criteria included 20 bars of dangerous gas and tough restricted manhole access.

Due to the restriction in access, IK Topside team of specialist engineers designed their first 4 quarter sections pipe clamp with bespoke engineered assembly and rigging equipment for safe and efficient installation on site. To achieve a 25-year lifetime in this rough environment, it was agreed that super duplex material was to be chosen for this application.

The installation was successfully completed within the timeframe, and the client was pleased with the outcome.

Project manager Roald Kolnes said, “To engineer, fabricate and install a huge 4-quarter section pipe clamp is complex. Especially when you have a short delivery time and are involved in welding and machining in super duplex material. I am extremely proud of our brilliant engineers and skillful mechanics that has followed this project from start to finish on site.”

IK Topside’s Latest Project Contributing to the Green Transition

Posted on: July 4th, 2022 by Amanda Eden No Comments

IK Topside is very pleased that we can utilise our wealth of competence in the energy industry to contribute to the green transition through a recent project completed in Norway last month. 

IK Topside have conducted the First Year Maintenance for the foundation rock anchors on one of Norway’s largest wind farms. This project involved inspecting and controlling the active force in Rock Anchoring bolts, up to 15 metres long. 

VP of IK Topside, Tore Gjøse said, “We are proud to have carried out this assignment within the given time frame, in accordance with the HSE requirements and not least to take part in the green initiative. With our long and wide field-proven experience, combined with multi skilled personnel, we will use our innovative know-how to acquire more future sustainable knowledge.

IK Topside and Resato High-Pressure Technology Complete Latest Project Together

Posted on: June 30th, 2022 by Amanda Eden No Comments

One of IK-Group’s partners Resato has made a High Pressure Computer Controlled Hose Test Unit (HPU-CC) for one of its clients, Mento as. The unit will be connected to two separate testbays and has been equipped with four testlines.

Each testline can be set up on its own. The HPU-CC has an integration with the customer’s ERP system, which means that ERP data will be sent to the unit automatically. Increased productivity will be achieved by testing hoses in one test bay and loading in the other.

IK Topside team will do the installation—a great example of collaboration between customer and partner, identifying and solving the customer’s challenge together.

IK Topside Delivers Emergency Clamp

Posted on: May 26th, 2021 by Amanda Eden No Comments

IK Topside team have once again shown why they are a leader in the emergency pipe repair field.  

At the start of April, IK Topside received an urgent call for assistance from an international Oil and Gas Operator who had discovered issues with two of their pipelines in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).  

Operating a 3/4″ branch/12″ header at a pressure of 170 bar and a 3/4″ branch/12″ header at 200 bar, IK Topside designed and fabricated a solution in-house and then installed the two emergency repair clamps. 

Contact us today if you want more information regarding our Pipe Intervention service.