Welding Isolation Barrier for 24” 1st Stage Separator Line

Maintenance & Modifications
UK North Sea
Product manager
Peter Bjørnsen
Project type
Field Service

Project description

On a platform in the UK North Sea, a defect was detected on the 24″ x4″ Weldolet connected to the 24″-PT-01-002-P3D line to the 1st Stage Separator, and therefore the need to replace the corroded 4″ piping with a new spool. 


 For this purpose, it was requested that IK Topside provide a solution to isolate the 24″ Line 24″-PT-01-002-P3D from Hydrocarbons during the welding operation of the new 4″ spool. IK’s proposed solution for isolating the 24″ line, which consisted of installing a 24″ ABiS™ set on the upper side of the 4″ branch, to create a double isolation barrier with monitoring of Hydrocarbons between the barriers, and a single isolation barrier with by a pass line on the lower side of the 4″ branch, pending space limitations. The 2″ line located 300mm from the 4″ Weldolet will be isolated and blinded by the client. 


With the supply of this urgent 24″ custom-built double barrier weld isolation system, the client could safely execute their welding repair operation of the 4″ branch and subsequently reduce their downtime for this process system. 


The supplied 24″ isolation barriers could be removed via the 4″ branch, so there were no additional open ends for removal where required, as would be the case for traditional isolation barriers. The result: effective operation, custom-built isolation barriers, and time saved. 

“IK Topside’s profound knowledge and expertise in weld isolation solutions and customised products and techniques has once again proven to provide successful results in the highly competitive international oil & gas market.” 

– Peter Bjørnsen