Two Long Testbays for Pressure Testing

Smart Services & Tools
Tananger, Norway
Product manager
Bjørn Larsen

Project description

This was IK Topside’s second delivery of a 20-meter-long high-pressure testbox system to SLB Completions. The customer was downscaling its number of locations in the region and required a flexible system (to be moved again if needed) and a solution that covered their straight POM. The Testbox system performs safe testing in a modular containment and spares the cost of integrating test bays into buildings and workshops.  


  • HP pressure test equipment from Resato   
  • 20 meters Testbox system   
  • Safety features: lighting, locks, emergency button, cameras   
  • Pre-fill skids   
  • Hydraulic drive   
  • Controlled bleed   
  • Fast filling time   
  • Logging system 



Long testbays for pressure testing