Specialised Backgas Solution for New Installation Hook-up

Maintenance & Modifications
Norway, North Sea - Johan Sverdrup Hook-up
Project manager
Peter Bjørnsen
Project type
Turnaround work

Project description

Due to the use of long, flangeless lengths of piping and multiple bends, traditional backgas equipment would be challenging to remove after welding and would, in most cases, require flushing. However, using IK Topside’s Valkyrie System™, one can avoid the traditional tasks of flushing, hydrostatic pressure testing, and drying the pipelines after the welding operations, thus significantly reducing the commissioning time and cost.  


IK Topside’s Valkyrie System™ is comprised of three different back-gas system solutions to cover all pipe sizes. The solutions allow for extremely efficient welding operations due to sophisticated purge methods. All Three Valkyrie systems are removed through a 1-inch Threadolet.  


IK Topside’s Valkyrie System™ products use an advanced gas purge monitoring & flow control unit. All operations are carefully planned, and all products are custom-built in-house at IK-Norway. All services are performed by experienced and certified IK Topside personnel.  



Extremely efficient purging of inert gas 
Excellent weld quality 
Backgas products up to 24" can be removed through 1" Threadless