Black Liquor Ice Plug Project

Maintenance & Modification
Project manager
Roald Kolsnes

Project description

An international client tasked IK Topside Business Area to find a solution for a leaking valve in a black liquor pipe at a paper manufacturing plant in Europe. To do this, a 2000 cubic meter tank needed to be isolated to replace the leaking valve. IK had never experienced this kind of pipe medium before, but the team was up for the challenge! 


After a task force review, our specialist team of engineers concluded that pipe freezing while generating an ice plug would be the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Using a client-provided sample of the actual pipe medium, black liquor, the team executed a pre-qualification test in our workshop facilities in Stavanger. This test was vital to ensure the solution was fault-proof before the operation began. 


The field operation was successful, and the client was pleased with the outcome. 




Black Liquor Ice Plug Project

 “This was this client’s first freeze plug operation, and I am very happy to show that a modification can be performed without emptying the tank. It was exciting for us to encounter a new medium like black liquor and have a successful operation. I look forward to building a strong relationship with the client and exploring new challenges together.” 

– Roald Kolsnes