24″ Hydrocarbon Line Isolation

Maintenance & Modifications
Norway, North Sea - Heidrun (Floating tension leg platform
Project manager
Peter Bjørnsen

Project description

IK Topside was asked to provide a solution to isolate the 24″ Line 24″-PT-01-002-P3D from hydrocarbons during the welding operation of the new 4″ spool. We proposed a solution for isolating the 24″ line, which consisted of installing a 24″ ABiS™ set on the upper side of the 4″ branch, to create a double isolation barrier with monitoring of hydrocarbons between the barriers, and a single isolation barrier with by a pass line on the lower side of the 4″ branch, pending space limitations. 


  • Urgent delivery, custom-built  
  • DBB gas isolation system DBB isolation set including real-time logging and LEL verification and high LEL alarm warning system  
  • Possibility to retrieve the 24″ Isolation system via a 4″ branch