A single windmill in the front with a few more seen further back in front of the mountains. The image has a heavy black overlay color on it.

Case study

Transferring Knowledge for the Energy Transition – Windmill Maintenance

Transferring Knowledge for the Energy Transition – Windmill Maintenance

The project comprised inspecting and controlling the active force in rock anchoring bolts, many of which were up to 15 metres long.  

“The most beautiful place we have ever worked!”  

Geographically remote location susceptible to extreme weather.
Large administration equipment for logging individual bolt information.
2036 individual bolts checked with full data logged on pressures used.
Only one minor deviation due to extreme weather.
No LTIs. 


The procedure known as ‘First Maintenance’ of windmill anchoring bolts must take place between 6 – 12 months from the date of installation. With the 12-month deadline on the horizon, our scope was to inspect the windmill foundations and confirm the tension in the windmill rock anchors via bolt testing.  



 The bolts were tested over two separate two-week periods for damage and corrosion, checking the load in the bold via active force control.  

Closeup view of a windmill base and a worker going around the bolts.
IK Personell wearing a jacket with IK logo standing outside in front of a windmill park on a cloudy day. We just see the upper back of the person (male) and the back of their head.

Technical Expertise  

With decades of experience in bolt tensioning and torquing on pipeline flanges, our IK TOPSIDE team expertly utilised a rock foundation tensioner, completing the testing of approximately three foundations per day.  

Good Project Management Crosses Sectors  

IK TOPSIDE is renowned for solving some of the energy industry’s most challenging problems. That’s partly due to our pragmatic, innovative product design, manufacture and deployment – but our project management skills also set us apart. With decades of experience in some of the world’s most dangerous and unpredictable environments, we have developed detailed project planning. This results in steady operations with no downtime and establishes a cast-iron process for dealing with any deviations. 

We transfer those project management skills from offshore topsides to renewable energy workscopes. Additionally, we take challenging remote terrain and adverse weather conditions into account, yielding significant results. 

Closeup shot of the base of a windmill and a Hydraulic Tensioner
Closeup of a windmill base with a person operating a Hydraulic Tensioner. The person is wearing a tophat and a yellow jacket with the IK group logo.


A two-person team worked in close coordination with additional maintenance work onsite, testing a total of 2036 bolts on schedule despite minor deviations due to bad weather and the significant administration required to log the pressure used and the results of testing of each bolt.